Development Process

Common Pitfalls of App Development

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In the past few years, mobile app development has went through some changes and has come a long way. As technology continues to evolve, more and more innovating products are introduced. There is room for development but there is always the risk of making mistakes that could jeopardize your product or your reputation.

Android or iOS

Androir and iOS are two of the most popular platforms today and one of the most common issues app developers Ireland face is deciding which system to use for their app. Developers should think about their audience before making a decision. According to experts, Android has an advantage because of its openness. However, others think that because Android has numerous versions, it makes it complicated to decide which version to build for.

Testing the waters

Before starting an app, one of the things that you can do is to not build first. Instead you should test the waters first by building a mobile application. Starting with a mobile app first will teach you more about the design, functionality, as well as user experience that is necessary before building a full version of the app. Remember that you must be able to test your apps several times before you launch them. Once the app has been tested, the next thing to do is to stay focused.

Promoting your app

Before people start downloading your apps, you must be able to let people know all about it first. How do you this? By marketing and proper promotion? When consumers discover your app and all the good features it has to offer to make their lives better, they will start downloading your app. Keywords must be chosen carefully to describe your app and you should know which category to put it on. Lastly, never send out a press release unless your app has been fully tested.

Great user experience

Once the customers have had a taste of your app, they will certainly be sending you emails and messages of the features they want added or the things which you should improve. You cannot ignore these messages. On the contrary, you must take them seriously if you want your users to have a great experience with your app. However, you must keep in mind that you should never add an extra feature that might add value of 30% to your app but take away value for 50%.  If your app has too many features, people won’t know what to do when they open it. Read the reviews but listen to what customers are truly saying.

Design and development

Design and development must work together. If these two things do not work hand in hand, you are headed for a disaster. The designs you make at the initial stage before the actual development starts can determine the failure or success of an app. Both the developer and the designer should work hand in hand from start to finish.  When both parties are solving problems together, you will improve your chances of success.