App Marketing

Insider Tips for Marketing Your App

So you have hired an experts in app design and made an outstanding app and you want everybody to hear about it and maybe even buy it! How do you do so? How do you avoid drowning in a sea of other apps, some of them very similar to yours? What do you do to stand above the others?

app developersDo you just sit on your chair eagerly waiting for a flood of downloads to propel you to superstardom? Do you pray hard for people to notice your app? When it comes to promoting your app, you do not just leave everything to chance. You may be able to announce your app launch on Facebook and get positive reviews but this does not ensure getting at least 50 downloads a day.

The best way to get massive downloads is to be featured and have your app selected over hundreds of others. You can beat the odds with a little help so here are some tips.

Tell a story

People love stories and they love products with stories behind them. Some people develop an emotional attachment to apps so they want to know what is the story behind it. Why was it created? What gave the creator the brilliant idea?  What is the reason and what is the inspiration? You should put the story on the description page for PR purposes.

Be unique

Stand out from the rest by being unique. It is very easy for app developers Ireland to fall into a trap of “group think” and creating something which the market is already saturated with. Remember that these kinds of apps are not what get featured. Break away from the status quo and come up with a fresh and distinctive app. Get to know your app’s distinctive quality and make it part of the user’s experience.

Build a home for your app

One of the many things which developers overlook is creating a home for their app. You should have a place where you can freely describe why they should try your app and what makes it very unique. A website will give you various opportunities for marketing and making people more aware about your app.


For PR, it is best to hire the professionals but if you do not have the budget, it is also something which you can do yourself. Share your story, have some screenshots and send personalized emails to blog owners. Use all the tools available to you to make everyone aware of your app.


There are plenty of blogs and niches out there where your potential audience is most likely to be. Buy banners from blog owners or from networks. This is something which costs money but it is something that is inexpensive and the returns are quite high.


When you launch an app, you should make sure that the event is most favourable to you. You should make sure that it is something when you will get maximum exposure. Synchronise everything together, from the blog posts, PR banners and other things.