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A reader study that will help us determine the articles, interviews, and ad mix that serve you, our reader. 

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About Indie Slate
First, some questions about the magazine, your likes, preferences, etc.
1. If you've picked up a copy of Indie Slate, where did you get it?
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2. Any place that doesn’t carry Indie Slate that you think should? (Please include some address info so we can follow up).
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  5 - a favorite 4 Take it or leave it 2 1 - least favorite
Reel Life Adventures in Indiemaking & Distribution
Indie Outlets (distributors)
Production Slate (the production charts)
Festivals & Other Events
Books on the Biz
“Pro” Files/Interviews with top crew or industry experts
Legal Advice
Gear Reviews
Software & App reviews
* 12. Have you used, or will you be likely to use, products or services from our advertisers?
Are you aware that listing your upcoming projects in our Production Slate is free?
14. Have you made use of the Production Slate for one or more of the following?
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15. Have you found the Indie Slate website useful?
16. What would make it even more useful?

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