Scandinavian comedy writer and fourth-time-feature director Marius Sørvik recently signed with UK company Frenetic Stories to direct and rewrite The Framlingham Incident, after a script by Jim Mack. An independent crime-drama about Britsh teenager Kyle, who has to deal with his guilty conscience after a prank that caused the death of his younger brother.

Sørvik, who most recently took on the romantic comedy Just Twenty, will start the casting process this fall in London, along with producer Kathleen O’Dylan.

- Sørvik has proved to be a great actors-director, with great talent to bring out the best in young actors. He has, despite his young age, proved that he manage to take on deep family dramas as well as dark funny comedies. A great mix of  creative abilities and what this movie needs, O’Dylan, producer and CEO of Frenetic Stories says.

The independent film is expected to start shooting next summer in London and countryside Dublin. It’s based on the 2006 novel Family Pranks and is written for the screen by journalist and first time screenwriter Jim Mack.

The premiere is set to christmas 2017.