We haven’t read or heard a lot about the upcoming Scandinavian dramedy Just Twenty since early spring last year. According to IMDb, the movie has been in post-production since late summer and a couple of trailers has been seen on YouTube and other forms of social media. The movie tells the story of a group of three best friends, in their late teens, trying to grow up in a hurry, after one of them just realised he has fathered a child.

The storyline itself is not that original, but writer/director Marius Sørvik (Utpressing for nybegynnere, Inkognitiv) seems to have pulled of a classic romcom-script, that centers around the main character’s, a 19 year old danish boy, point of view.

Rumor has it though, the production was a bit of a mess and faced some financial issues towards the end of shooting, but made it through after all. The movie has been in post-production for a while and the clips and trailers looks great, with a great sense of coming-of-age humor and a nice touch of youthful drama.

Scandinavian films often have a tendensy to almost never hit the international market unless it’s by torrents or crappy copies online. That’s why I was glad to read that the movie will be released in nordic cinemas and On Demand at the same time. That gives the international audience a chance to see this, hopefully, very funny and witty comedy in it’s right format.

According to Sørvik (and the IMDb) the movie is completed and over two hours long. It’s only fair to say that the director has “pulled a Judd Apatow” in a country where a big “issue” over the past years has been comedies just above 72 minutes.

I can’t wait to see the movie and I hope there will be further news and updates on the project when it gets closer to it’s premiere.

Just Twenty stars, among others, William Jøhnk Nielsen (from the Academy Award-winner In a Better World), Nikolaj Groth from the Danish Netflix-series Rita and Mattis Asker (The Liverpool Goalie).

It’s expected in selected nordic cinemas March 11th, and will be hitting On Demand-platforms shortly after.

Norwegian company Oktoberfilm and Sørvik Pinnås are producing, with Miracles Independent as international sales agent.

The latest trailer can be seen on YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image