Have you ever sat down and watched a classic Sci-Fi film and thought “this could end up being invented you know”? So have I; many times I’ve been sat there seeing new inventions that have derived from old ideas and creations within the media.

This infographic by Big Brother All Security helps me illustrate just how books, television shows and films have helped to pave the way for new technologies, especially within the home.

You wouldn’t think it, but smart technologies have being talked about before the 1900′s in a book called “From The London Times” by the talented Mark Twain. His invention was a telectroscope, which was meant to be a telephone system used as a social sharing network. Little did he know that this has since become a reality, with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Will we ever stop? I’m not sure. We still create new idea through media, and they again still become an aid or an actual creation in our everyday lives. Perhaps media is being used to test these ideas, before they’re taken to the prototype stage. Either way, without these fantastic forms of media we wouldn’t have the technologies we have today.

The Smarthomes Of Yesterday