Confused by the MPAA’s rating process? Film Rating Advisors can help indie filmmakers navigate the MPAA system.  FRA co-founders Howard Fridkin and Barry Freeman have rated more than 15,000 films and together offer 23 years of MPAA experience.  They can either represent filmmakers with the MPAA or with behind-the-scenes guidance on specific objectives.
Finally, 46 years after the MPAA’s inception, there is a ratings liberation for filmmakers — Film Rating Advisors, Inc. The company’s expertise will help you obtain the film rating you desire, keep artistic integrity under your control and save you time and money before and after post-production. No other firm provides this unique consulting service. Even if your film is already scheduled to be rated by the MPAA, this would be the most crucial time to get FRA involved. It’s a completely hands-free experience since FRA manages the entire process for you by working directly with the MPAA. Enter a new era in filmmaking independence.
Learn more about FRA services in this ‘rated for-all-filmmakers’ vid:    YouTube Preview Image
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